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Are you ready to take your parenting game to the next level?

We've taken our top Curious Parenting content and packaged it together into a simple, easy to follow class.


We'll lead you through a guided, 90-minute virtual learning session including live Q+A, plus digital content for at home learning and exclusive access to the Curious Parenting Team for follow up support.

Curious Parenting 101 is for you if...
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You want more cooperation and less struggle.

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You need to know how to respond with firm boundaries when things get tough.

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You're ready to be the calm, confident parent or caregiver you know you are.

Your biggest questions, answered.
  • 60 minutes of high-impact learning

  • 30 minutes of Q & A

  • A free companion guide (28-page) to bring the concepts home

  • Exclusive access to the Curious Parenting team for follow-up support

Discover a new approach to parenting that supports you and your child.
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Discipline in a way that creates, rather than breaks, trust.

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Build cooperation & connection​.

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Handle "no" like it's no big deal.

If money is tight right now but you need access to this class, please reach out. 
We can help! No hoops to jump through, no one turned away.

Learn more about Curious Parenting financial aid.

Clementine Foxglove


Meet your instructor

Curious Parenting 101: Start Here is led by Clementine, the founder and visionary behind Curious Parenting. She knows from experience that parents and caregivers in the thick of it need accessible, powerful tools they can use right away. Her expertise is deeply rooted in child psychology, early childhood development, and nonviolent communication.


Since launching Curious Parenting in 2020, Clementine and her team have helped millions of parents and caregivers raise curious, emotionally resilient kids with calm and confidence.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the recording be available?
Yep! The recording will be available with captions.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes. If you need this class but money is a barrier, contact us. We can help—and there are no hoops to jump through.


Working with toddler hitting—it feels eternal. Do you cover hitting?

A lot of what we discuss in this class will help dramatically reduce hitting, and help you respond to it in a constructive way, but we don’t cover hitting specifically. If you have a lot of hitting, biting, kicking, scratching, throwing, or screaming going on right now, check out our one-stop guide: Hitting & Hurting. It's perfect for anyone wanting a relaxed, transformative relationship with rough, rambunctious behavior.


I feel awful after I lose it with my kids. Can this class help?

YES. This class is a community. This is a place to hold and be held. This is a class to know that you are not alone in this. We will cover how to lose it less, and we will cover how to repair when you do lose it, because that👏🏼 will👏🏽 happen 👏🏼 no matter how much we learn. It is part of life with other humans.

My child is on the spectrum. Will the stuff in this class help them?

Your instructor, Clementine, is autistic and has ADHD, and our whole team is neurodivergent. All of our content is designed with neurodivergent kids in mind. Our stuff works especially well for neurodivergent kids because:

  • We help you set clear, consistent limits that help neurodivergent kids learn and understand expectations.

  • We help you partner with kids to meet their needs for autonomy—something that ND kids really, really need (especially ones with PDA)

  • We use clear and direct language in our examples that ND kids will understand.

  • Considering sensory needs (of both kids and parents) is at the core of all of our work.

  • Collaborative problem solving—a research-backed strategy for ND kids—underpins many of our tools.

  • Understanding & empathy are key components of effective parenting for neurodivergent kids, and we help you build this, too

All kids need these things. Neurodivergent kids have an even harder time when they are not present.

Will you cover tantrums in this class?

Yes! Why they happen, what to do about them, and 5 things we can do to reduce them before they even start.


I'm currently expecting my first child - would it still be worth it for me to come to this workshop?

This class has a lot of strategies designed to be implemented with kids TODAY. That being said, the earlier we learn strategies that align with our long-term goals for kids, the easier they will be to implement! Expecting parents will get a loft oof of this class


Will you cover sleep?

We have a class and guide on sleep in the works for later this year. Sign up for our newsletter (below) to stay in the loop.

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