Our Team

Here's a bit about who we are.

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Creative Director

Clementine envisions and creates for Curious Parenting. Her ultimate goal is to give everyone who has, works with, or loves kids the tools they need to support a generation of resilient, liberated people. Her vision stands on the shoulders of those who have seen children as whole people worthy of trust from the beginning, including Dr. Gabor Mate, Alfie Kohn, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Magda Gerber, Alan Watts, Dr. Shefali Tsabary and the indigenous communities that have been parenting this way for millenia.

Prior to starting Curious Parenting, Clementine spent over a decade working as a childcare professional. She worked with families from a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, and gained first-hand knowledge of what works—and what doesn’t—for dozens of different kids + caregivers. 

While studying Psychology and working directly with kids as a nanny and preschool teacher, she noticed a stark disparity between what we know about children and how we treat, parent, and teach them. She started a local playschool to offer the kids in her community a chance to grow in an environment supportive of emotional development, authentic connection, and serious play. For three years, she and a wild band of toddlers laughed, cried, problem solved, puddle jumped, and taught each other about what it means to be a deeply feeling human. 

As an autistic, pansexual person, Clementine knows that many have been left out or overlooked entirely in traditional literature and advice around parenting + childhood development. Curious Parenting joins Clementine’s experience and the immense body of research on how children thrive into highly accessible strategies for parents + caregivers of all backgrounds.

Clementine holds a BA in Psychology from the University of North Texas, completed the RIE Foundations Theory + Observation, and is currently studying to become a Certified Trainer through the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Communications Director

Maximilian handles correspondence, strategy, and copywriting for Curious Parenting. He brings with him a deep dedication to radical inclusivity, breaking generational cycles of trauma, and supporting resilience in children through playfulness, mindfulness and empathy. Maximilian envisions a world in which all people have the freedom and tools to authentically, enthusiastically follow their joy.

After spending his childhood in Germany, he lived, travelled, and worked throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Asia. Maximilian’s passion for efficient, sustainable systems followed him as he picked grapes, planted trees, built houses, wrote copy, and shook drinks as he meandered across the world.

When he met Clementine in 2017, the two stayed up late into the night talking about her work with kids and his work with sustainable agriculture, immediately realizing the myriad connections between the two. As they fell in love, their ideas fell in love as well, and it was apparent that the same philosophies of stewardship and trust resonated in them both. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, they created Curious Parenting on a post-it note on the kitchen counter. 

Maximilian is most curious about neuroscience, childhood development, sustainable agriculture, history, mindfulness therapy, unschooling, systems-thinking, and linguistics. 


He is currently studying to become a Certified Trainer through the Center for Nonviolent Communication.


Victoria handles illustration for Curious Parenting. She is based in Madrid, and was born and raised in tropical, colorful Caracas. Her career began as a copywriter for Venezuelan television series, and later evolved to stop motion animation in Buenos Aires. When Victoria discovered the power and reach of digital media, she was inspired to switch careers again. She took a job at Nickelodeon as on-air digital designer (and even worked on Sponge Bob!) In 2011, Spain was calling, and Victoria threw herself into freelance illustration.


Her aesthetic revolves around warm tones, sharp angles and vintage textures. Following the motto "less is more," Victoria dances with her imagination and boldly follows intuition's lead. She has always believed in jumping into creation without drafts, plans, or sketches and trusting the process.

Victoria is most inspired by love, naive art, mid-century modern design and wild things. She describes her process as "illustrating for a happier world."

You can find more of her work here: victoriafernandez.me