meet clementine

  • Children's Rights Activist

  • Founder of Lambert Street Playschool

  • Trained in RIE and Nonviolent Communication

  • B.A. in Psychology with a focus on developmental psychology

  • Puddle-jumping Expert

Welcome, I'm glad you're here! I’m Clementine Foxglove (she/her), creator of Curious Parenting. In my work as a nanny and a preschool teacher, I noticed a stark disparity between what we know about children and how we actually treat, parent, and teach them.

Curious Parenting is designed to turn my experience and the immense body of research and philosophy on how children work (from revolutionary thinkers like Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, Magda Gerber, Alfie Kohn, Dr. Haim Ginott, Dr. Gabor Mate, and Dr. Shefali Tsabary) into highly accessible strategies for parents and caregivers.

Together with my team, I hope to bring everyone who has, works with, knows, or appreciates children the tools they need to support a generation of resilient, liberated kids.

Thank you for being here.

All my love,

Clementine Foxglove

Creator of Curious Parenting