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Land Acknowledgement

The Curious Parenting office is based in the traditional, unceded territory of the Stl’pulmsh and Clackamas people. This acknowledgment is not the end of our responsibility and vision, it is the beginning. In everything we do, we seek to honor, respect, listen to, and understand the history, experience, and reality of the First Nations folks who continue to steward and honor this land.

While many people in Western cultures are making the shift to gentler, more conscious parenting practices, this wisdom and knowledge is not new. Indigenous Peoples have been holding their children—and the world—gently and curiously for millennia, and we are grateful for their continued example.

We give caregivers the tools + knowledge they need to raise empathetic, curious kids.

We blend collective wisdom with the latest research on how kids develop confidence, curiosity and empathy and transform it into actionable strategies you can use in real life. 

About: About
Making childhood fun, exciting, and inviting.

Our goal is to give everyone who has, works with, or loves kids the tools they need to support a generation of resilient, liberated people. A strong connection with caregivers is an essential part of a healthy childhood. We help you make it happen (and make it to bedtime, too).

Helping you survive today and thrive tomorrow.

We help you align your everyday parenting practices with your long-term goals. We know your time is valuable. Our guides + printables break complicated concepts into bite-size pieces you can try right away. We put the caregiver-child connection first, and help you raise kids you’ll not only like, but love to be around.

Tools for a bite-sized revolution

The world will need creative thinkers, community builders, and change makers. Our guides are created with our global community in mind. Every one of us has a part in raising tomorrow’s dreamers, healers, and leaders. That’s why we make our content available for free or reduced cost to anyone who needs it.

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