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Is money tight right now?

Accessibility and inclusivity guide our work. We want anyone that would find our resources supportive to have them.

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for sliding scale pricing.

About Curious Parenting Financial Aid

Why does Curious Parenting use sliding scale pricing?

Our aim is to build financial equity and radical accessibility into all aspects of our organization, and sliding scale pricing is one way we're addressing the disparities perpetuated by systemic discrimination, neocolonialism, and harmful economic policies.

What is sliding scale pricing?

Sliding scale pricing is a low-tech, trust-based solution designed to bring more equity into marketplaces. Everyone is invited to pay a different rate for the same thing, in accordance to their financial situation (i.e. everyone ends up paying a similar percentage of their disposable income). Sliding scales are participatory tools for building economic justice, and they require us all to work together.

I’m financially secure. How can I help?

All the folks paying full-price for our guides allow us to offer sliding scale pricing to every single person who requests it. Thank you!

If you're in a secure financial position and want to help us more, you can make a supporting payment here.

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