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Quick Guide: Teeth Brushing

Quick Guide: Teeth Brushing


(2-page Print PDF document)


  • Use playfulness to make teeth brushing more enjoyable
  • Give children control and autonomy over the process
  • Turn brushing teeth into a routine that fits in with a kid's natural rhythm
  • Go from brushing struggle to treasured family ritual


Getting kids' teeth brushed can be a real struggle, but it doesn't have to be. This Quick Guide provides a range of strategies to make teeth brushing fun, easy, and stress-free for caregivers and children.


By incorporating playfulness, autonomy, and age-appropriate tools, children will be more likely to enjoy the process and want to brush their teeth. Creating a routine that fits with the child's natural rhythm will also help to make teeth brushing a regular and easy habit.


With these tips and techniques, brushing teeth can be an enjoyable part of your child's daily routine!

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