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Toolbox: What's Next After No

Toolbox: What's Next After No


Includes: 45-page PDF download of "What's Next After No" and bonus 13-page PDF, "Setting the Stage."


Inspired by your biggest questions about responding when kids do the exact opposite of what we tell them, this guide has you everything you need to respond with calm + confidence! Researched, beta-tested, and professionally reviewed by experts.

    • Every time you tell your child to do something, they do the complete opposite

    • You feel like you're stuck in a constant power struggle with your kid

    • You feel like you've tried everything and nothing seems to be working

    • You’re worried you’re doing it all wrong and totally messing up your kid

    • You feel like you're not enjoying parenting as much as you want to be, because your child's behavior is getting in the way

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