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Are you ready to take your parenting game to the next level?

We've taken our top Curious Parenting content and packaged it together into a simple, easy to follow class.


We'll lead you through a guided, 90-minute virtual learning session including live Q+A, plus digital content for at home learning and exclusive access to the Curious Parenting Team for follow up support.

Curious Parenting 101 is for you if...
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You want more cooperation and less struggle.

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You need to know how to respond with firm boundaries when things get tough.

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You're ready to be the calm, confident parent or caregiver you know you are.

Your biggest questions, answered.
  • 60 minutes of high-impact learning

  • 30 minutes of Q & A

  • A free companion guide (28-page) to bring the concepts home

  • Exclusive access to the Curious Parenting team for follow-up support

Discover a new approach to parenting that supports you and your child.
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Discipline in a way that creates, rather than breaks, trust.

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Build cooperation & connection​.

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Handle "no" like it's no big deal.

Clementine Foxglove


Meet your instructor

Curious Parenting 101: Start Here is led by Clementine, the founder and visionary behind Curious Parenting. She knows from experience that parents and caregivers in the thick of it need accessible, powerful tools they can use right away. Her expertise is deeply rooted in child psychology, early childhood development, and nonviolent communication.


Since launching Curious Parenting in 2020, Clementine and her team have helped millions of parents and caregivers raise curious, emotionally resilient kids with calm and confidence.

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