(We all do, from time to time!)
clementine foxglove
parent coach + child empowerment specialist

With a background in holistic psychology, child development, and early childhood education, I integrate conscious parenting practices with a research-based approach.

My wealth of experience and supportive, encouraging presence will empower you to thrive and grow while navigating parenting challenges.

I can help align your personal goals with your parenting practices.


Together, we can empower a generation of liberated, resilient kids.

REmote Personal Coaching

get detailed coaching for a specific issue, like navigating daycare drop-off or biting

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pre-session consultation on the nature of your challenge(s)

1-hr text, voice or video chat

personalized quick-reference guide

session recording for you to keep


dive into complex issues like the arrival of a new baby or moving to a new city

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pre-session consultation on the nature of your challenge(s)

three 1-hr text, voice or video chats

detailed, personalized action plan

session recordings for you to keep


succinctly address specific questions, like what to do when your kid is throwing toys


highly applicable advice for everyday parenting situations

up to three messages in response to maximize understanding

quick tips you can apply right now

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giving you
the tools you need

Communicate effectively while building trust and connection


Give kids the clear, consistent limits they need to feel safe

Work with kids to create plans for tricky situations

Free yourself from feeling like you need to rescue children from their hard feelings

Support kids while they grow through difficulties and challenges


Set boundaries with ease and confidence, long before you get upset

Support kids in navigating conflict, name calling, and fighting over toys

to transform parenting.

Invite cooperation rather than get tangled in power struggles


Create a family or classroom culture that affirms each child's identity

Support kids in developing empathy, kindness and resilience

Show up for yourself with kindness and awareness when a child’s behavior or emotions are triggering for you

See difficulty as an opportunity for both you and your child to grow


Liberate children from having to feel, act, or be a certain way in order to get the love and affection they need



I grew up with strict parents and knew I wanted to parent my own kids differently, but I didn't know how. Most of our days were filled with tears, fights, and tantrums. Clementine helped me create strategies that help me parent the way I want to.


Calling these strategies helpful is almost doing them a disservice. The tools we discussed were easy to implement, and I have never felt more relaxed, present, and engaged with my students.


I had been struggling trying to find a balance between gentleness and discipline wih my strong, independent four year old. Curious Parenting made RIE principles and conscious parenting strategies so fun and accessible!

Disclaimer: I am a parenting coach and do not work in a professional therapist’s or medical doctor’s capacity to diagnose or treat mental health disorders. I cannot advise parents on issues like drug addiction, eating disorders, self-harm, child abuse, assault, etc. 


Work with me to explore topics such as: parenting, discipline without shame, RIE parenting, toddlers, tantrums, potty training, mindful parenting, conscious parenting, gentle parenting, evidence-based parenting, positive parenting, respectful parenting, simplicity parenting, parenting for social change and positive discipline.